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Under the Sea Party



This vintage-style invitation is reminiscent of play lands by the sea from the past, with soft, watery colors, fanciful type, and old-fashioned illustrations. It's the perfect look for your dreamy Under the Sea party! Check out B.Nute’s Under the Sea Party invitations on etsy for details.


Pull out your old dump truck, fire truck and matchbox cars... It’s time for a truck party that all kids will love!! Below are some decorating ideas for your Toy Truck party.

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Under the Sea Matching Party Goods

The look of your party won’t be complete without the following matching Under the Sea Party goods! From a festive banner to tags, stickers, menu cards and more, be sure to see B.Nute productions etsy shop for all the details.

Head to a dreamy world of a dancing jellyfish, a magical sea horse, sparkling sea shells, and a playful fish with this Under the Sea Party.


If you throw an Under the Sea Party, send us the pictures! We’d love to include them on our website to show everyone the fun that was had!


Below is a list of food ideas perfect for an Under the Sea Party

  1. Fish Sticks

  2. Tuna Sandwiches

  3. Sushi

  4. Small Sandwiches Cut Out in Fish Shapes

  5. Gold Fish Crackers

  6. Under the Sea Treasure Snack Mix (Salty/Sweet Cereal Mix)

By the Boardwalk Treats

  1. Salt Water Taffy

  2. Extra Large Lollipops

  3. Pink Popcorn Balls

  4. Pink Cotton Candy


After running around like jelly fish and mermaid, how about set out some creative Under the Sea Art Activities for your school of fish at your party! Below is a free Under the Sea coloring page, as well as several art activity suggestions for your Under the Sea party.

Free Printable Under the Sea Coloring Page

Set out some crayons, markers, glitter and other art supplies, print out this coloring page, and have a coloring contest!

Under the Sea Coloring Page by B.Nute productions

Instructions for Making Retro Robot Party Coloring Pages

1. Select each link above, and print out the coloring page on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper (in landscape mode). 

2. Place on a table with crayons, pens and other art supplies.

3. Let kids have fun!

Printable items are copyright protected, and provided free of charge by B.Nute productions for personal use only. B.Nute's printables can not be sold, altered, or provided for download on any other site. For questions or inquiries, please contact B.Nute productions.

More Under the Sea Party Art Activity Ideas

Sea Shell Flip Flops

Get out the glue gun, purchase some small sea shells and inexpensive flip flops and start gluing! You could add some raffia tassels to them as well for some added flair!

Swedish Fish Necklace

Set out some colorful turquoise thin ribbon, some large plastic sewing needles (especially made for little hands), and a bowl or 2 of Swedish Fish and it's time to make some necklaces. Have the kids string 3-5 fish on the necklace. Then, it's the fun part, they get to wear it and eat it too!

Sea Shell Frame

Buy packs of sea shells and wooden frames at the craft store. Set out a table with bowls of the shells, craft glue and the frames and let the guest make their own shell frames. Be sure to take several pictures at the party to give to them to put in the frame after the party!



Attention all mermaids, mermen and dreamy Under the Sea lovers... Here's a feee printable crown perfect for you to wear on your special day. Whether it is your Under the Sea Party, or any day you feel like exploring the enchanted ocean world, be sure to print out this vintage style crown filled with beautiful shells, sparkling mermaids and a touch of glitter!

Free Printable Queen of the Sea Crown by B.Nute productions

Instructions to Make Your Under the Sea Queen Crown

1. Select the above image and print out on card stock. (Print in landscape mode)

2. Cut out crown.

3. Add glitter or embellishments as desired.

4. Punch holes in either end, and string with fancy ribbon.

5. Tie crown to your head, and have an enchanted birthday!

Printable items are copyright protected, and provided free of charge by B.Nute productions for personal use only. B.Nute's printables can not be sold, altered, or provided for download on any other site. For questions or inquiries, please contact B.Nute productions.


Inspiration Board

Dive into a magical underwater world filled with colorful fish, shells, dancing jelly fish and mermaids too.. welcome to your dreamy Under the Sea Party! Below are some decoration ideas and more for your enchanted affair, all will adore.

Decoration Ideas

Water - Of course an Under the Sea Party needs water-- but who is willing to flood their living room with water? No need to go to those lengths, just head out to your local party store and pick up some rolls of blue and green cellophane. Now, have fun decorating. Cover the windows with the cellophane, or crumple up large pieces and cut into long strips and hang from the doorway or ceiling. Guests will have to wade through the space, and love it!

Another great water accent is to fill glass fish bowls with fish (real or pretend aquarium fish) and set out on the buffet table or dining table.

Sand - Fill a kiddie swim pool with play sand, and set outside for some fun playtime. If you'd like to use sand as an accent, fill in small glass bowls or vases with a couple shells and put on the buffet for a great look.

Sea Shells - There are several places on the internet to find sea shells to decorate your space. Check out Oriental Trading for inexpensive shell decorations. Place shells in glass vases with sand, or just scatter about the buffet table and party space. A shell garland to string up is perfect as well.

Seaweed - Cut out large green seaweed shaped from construction paper, and place around the party space. Also, hang green crepe paper strips from the ceiling for more seaweed the guests can "swim" through!

Bubbles - Cut long, single row strips of bubble wrap and hang from the ceiling for more aquarium fun. Another way to add bubbles is by having a bubble machine in the corner blowing out loads of bubble at the party goers. All little ones love bubbles!

Fish and a Fish Net - Purchase a fish net and hang from the ceiling. Now dangle decorative paper fish from fishing wire from the net. Your space is now truly becoming an underwater scene!

Vintage Maritime and Seaside Imagery - Old seaside imagery would be perfect to frame in a weathered wood frame and put next to the buffet table.

Shabby Chic/Weathered Accents - This party is the perfect time to get out those Shabby Chic furniture pieces to use to serve food or put goodie bags on. A weathered wood tray or crate would be great to put drinks or other food items in for folks to grab and go.


Throwing an enchanted Under the Sea Party? Looking for ideas on how to entertain the crowd? Look no further! Here are a bunch of game ideas perfect to get those little mermaids and fish tired out!

Under the Sea Party Games

Fish for Treasure

I remember this game from my elementary school fair way back when! How fun it was to see what I would "catch" on my fishing rod! To play this game, all you need is a tub/large box or container, some pretend fishing rods, toys and magnets, and there you'll have your very own fishing hole!

Create some simple fishing rods with long sticks and a sting tied to the end. At the end of the string, tie a magnet. Now attach another magnet to a small toy. Fill a large tub (i.e., plastic container, or cardboard box) with all the small toys with magnets. Have children line up and fish for a toy!

Jelly Fish Relay

Set up an obstacle course around your yard, park or party space. Make the obstacles that are part of the course named after areas in the sea, such as: a coral field - a bunch of chairs that they need to zig zag through; an underwater cave - a play tube the kids need to crawl though; the deep abyss - a fold up table the kids need to crawl under; a jelly fish swarm - hang many crepe paper strings from the ceiling or branches of a tree that they have to "swim" through; the tide pools - put out a kiddie pool with only an inch of water in it that they need to skip through; etc. Have fun with the areas and ideas. Now simply line the kids up and have them run through the course!

Shell Hunt

Think how much fun kids have on Easter for an Easter egg hunt. Why not use the same concept, and just replace eggs with shells. The kids will love to gather the shells, and have them keep them as part of another craft or a goodie bag gift.

King Neptune Says

Here's a spin on Simon Says... same rules, just make Simon into King Neptune. If you can find a crown, a turquoise cape, and Neptune's trident for the "new" Simon, even better!

Under Water Dress Ups

Kids love dress ups, so why not set out a box of Under the Sea dress ups for the kids to put on and have fun. Here are ideas on what to put in the box:

  1. King Neptune's Crown

  2. Mermaid Crowns

  3. King Neptune's Trident

  4. Mermaid tails (perhaps this can be as easy at simple green sequin skirts with elastic waists.)

  5. Mermaid bikini tops

  6. Shell Accessories (necklaces, hair clips, etc)

  7. Fish Masks