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Sweet Treats Party



Pink ice cream parlor stripes, and sweet treats make this a delicious invite all will love. Check out B.Nute’s Sweet Treats invitations on etsy for details.



This party is all about an old fashioned Soda Fountain or Candy Shoppe look-- pinks, whites, and lots and lots of treats! Below are some decorating ideas for your Sweet Treats party.

Sweet Treats Personalized Banner

What little one won’t dream of sugar plum fairies with this sweet banner hanging in their room? Cupcakes, candy, lollipops and more, glitter around your child’s name for a delightful decoration for the party and in her room. This matching banner can be purchased on bnute.etsy.com.

Cupcakes, lollipops,

ice cream treats!

I love anything

sweet to eat!

It’s a Sweet Treat party... Jars of candy, plates of cupcakes, and an ice cream sundae bar too... this party will be a treat for all you include.

Colorfully collaged treats, and Sweet Shoppe stripes will evoke memories of an old time soda fountain shoppe, filled with candies, cupcakes and ice cream too. The party kit is all you need to throw your Sweet Treats party.


If you throw a Sweet Treats Party, send us the pictures! We’d love to include them on our website to show everyone the fun that was had!


Obviously sweets and treats will dominate the menu, but if you want to add some healthier options, here’s some ideas:

  1. Jelly Roll Sandwiches – Could just be jelly and bread rolled up, or add some peanut butter, almond butter or Nutella for a little dash of protein.

  2. Pinwheel “Aram” Sandwiches – Roll cream cheese, ham and turkey slices in a large tortilla or flat bread. Slice into small cylinders, to get the pinwheel effect.

  3. Veggie Sticks in a Jelly Jar – It may not be candy sticks, but put out a couple of sauces for dipping, and possibly the veggies will pass as colorful treats.

  4. Fruit Lollipops – Sear small sliced or balled fruit pieces to colored toothpicks for an easy, fun fruit lollipop.


  1. Stock up on some fun flavored cream sods or fruit juices for that soda-fountain look. Some brands have great looking, “retro” labels that will add to the look of the party. Place the bottles in a large tin and fill with ice.

  2. Pink Lemonade in a Pitcher – Pink lemonade will fit right in with the color scheme and be a refreshing option for the younger folks. To cut down on sugar, some brands offer sugar free mixes.


Play Dough Candy Factory

Set up a table and let kids young and old make pretend candies and cupcakes from play dough. There are many kits available to buy that have molds to look just like treats. Make sure to get plenty of different colors, but don’t expect them to stay pristine for long!

Jellybean Frame

Buy some inexpensive plain frames at your local craft store and have kids glue jelly beans to the front. When done, use a sealant like Modge Podge to make the jelly beans last for a long time. This is a perfect activity that also can be the “goodie bag gift” at the end of the party!

Candy Necklace

Set out some bowl of different colored life savers. Cut pieces of string to be the length of a necklace for a child. Now, have the kids make their own jewelry treat! They’re fun to wear and even better to eat.

Coloring Pages

Check out B.Nute productions’ Sweet Treats Coloring pages for some guaranteed fun! Just set up a table, put out some crayons, markers, glitter glue and whatever else suits your fancy and let the kids color away! There’s “Make Your Own Sundae,” “Decorate the  Cake,” and “Color the Candy” coloring pages, perfect to print out for the party. See below for instructions:

Make Your Own Sundae Coloring Page by B.Nute productions

Decorate the Cake Coloring Page by B.Nute productions

Color the Candy Coloring Page by B.Nute productions

 Instructions for Printing Coloring Pages

1. Select link or image above.

2. Print image from browser. Make sure to set printer to landscape mode. Coloring page is 8.5x11.

3. Now it's time to color!

(Note: Free printable coloring pages are copyright protected and for personal use only.)



Guess the Number of Candies

Those great decorations on your table could also become a good game. Have kids guess how many candies are in each jar. Closest one wins a prize. For little ones, keep the number or candies in the jar to a minimum.

I Spy in the Candy Jar

As an alternative to guessing the number of candies, you can also do an “I Spy” game. Inside your lovely jars of candies, put a few random small plastic toys. Have kids see if they can find all the toys in the candy jars just by looking at the jars!

Example Image of a Candyland Game Board

Candyland-Inspired Obstacle Course

Inspired by the popular children’s board game, create a Candyland obstacle course in your yard or house. Create stations around the space, for instance Gumdrop Alley, Peppermint Hills, Lollipop Lane, Fruit Chew Fields, etc. Write these names on a piece of poster board so kids can see each location. Have a box or bag of matching candy on a chair at each station.

Now, separate the group into two teams. Each person needs to pick up one candy from each station, then return to his team to tag the next team member to go.

This game will give the kids a chance to run around as well as stash a couple candies for their goodie bags!



Cookie Decorating

Set up an area with frosting, cookie decorations and let the kids make their own personal treat. To save time, store bought sugar cookies are a perfect alternative to home made, and can taste great too!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Depending on the age of the guest (and length of your party), you could let the kids watch some or all of this candy-filled movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You could also play this movie on the TV with the sound off as an ambient feature!



This party is pretty much one big treat, but there’s always room for more!

Here are some ideas to really make this party sweet!

Make Your Own Sundae Bar – Set up bowls of all types of treats: sprinkles, chocolate chips, mini-marshmallows, fruit chews, crushed candies, banana slices, strawberries pieces, etc. Have vanilla and chocolate ice cream handy and let the kids make a sundae! Don’t forget the fudge and carmel sauce!

Chocolate Dip – Set out some cut up fruit, a bowl of chocolate sauce, and some toothpicks and let the kids dip away. For an older crowd, you could make this Chocolate fondue instead of just chocolate sauce.

Inspiration Board


Below are some ideas on what to give as goodie bag treats at your Sweet Treats Party.

Sweet Treats Goodie Bag Tags

Cupcake, candy, ice cream, lollipop, these treats will look extra sweet on top of that present of goodie bag gift. These goodie bag/gift tags can be purchased on bnute.etsy.com.

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The Decorations

If it’s pink or white, it’s a sure bet it will fit into this party. Start with the basics – crepe paper and balloons. From the center of the ceiling and drape the crepe paper to the edges of the room. This will create a “big top” or tent effect. Next, hang the balloons against the walls of the room, on the backs of chairs and any other place that seems appropriate. The more the merrier.

Jars of Candies and Treats

Pull out all your clear glass vases, cups and apocathery jars (if you have any) and fill with candies. Colorful gumdrops, peppermints, and hard candies look great. Tiered serving tray filled with cupcakes and treats will also look festive and be a hit to eat!

A menu from one of my favorite old fashioned soda fountains,

The Sugar Bowl in Scottsdale Arizona

Soda Fountain Menu Board

Decorate a large white poster board to look like a menu board  or menu from an old fashioned soda shoppe. Make sure to add your food items and treats to the menu! Hang on a wall where everyone can see! Check out these fun retro inspired menus at Retro Planet.

Candy Garland

There are plenty of resources online to buy pretend candy garland. This can be great to string up along a mantle, or window or anywhere the party will be! If you’re ambitious, try making one your self! By many bags of individually wrapped candies and either tie each end of the candies together with small pieces of string or use a twist tie. This is great decoration, as well as a great treat for later!

Music and Ambience

Making a CD of your child’s favorite music is always a hit, but you could also add some ambience with the “soda fountain” type music. Tunes from the 1950’s will be a great addition to the look and feel of the party


More Goodie Bag Ideas

Many of the ideas in this guide can produce instant goodie bag treats (i.e., decorated frame, play dough candies, etc.), but here’s some more ideas if needed:

• candy scented lip balm

• candy necklaces

• candy shaped eraser (Note: this would not be advisable for small tots, since they might try to eat them!)

• extra large lollipops, like Hammond’s lollipops