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South of France Provençal Party



Bold blue, golden yellows and rust red accents abound, this hand designed Provençal patterned invitation has been inspired by fabrics seen in the South of France, perfect for setting the tone for your Provençal party. Check out B.Nute’s South of France Party invitations on etsy for details.



A Provençal party is a perfect affair for a beautiful spring, summer or fall afternoon! Everyone will love the relaxed atmosphere, and enjoy delicious Provençal food, drinks and attitude!

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1. South of France Provençal Personalized Banner

Ah, the South of France... the lavender, the countryside, and the French Provencal patterns and prints. This banner is perfect for any occasion when you want to conjure up that feeling of Provence... great for an outdoor pique-nique, or perfect for that French dinner party. All patterns have been handmade in a French Provencal style. This matching banner can be purchased on bnute.etsy.com.

The warm South of France breezes, the sweet smell of lavender in the air, and the bright Mediterranean sun -- this Provençal party will bring all your guests to this perfect destination and they don’t even have to get on an airplane!

No one will want to miss your Provençal party-- perhaps a pique-nique -- filled with friends, family, delicious cheeses, wines, olives, and all things French! Bold blue, rust red, and golden yellows abound, these hand designed Provençal patterns have been inspired by fabrics seen in the South of France, perfect for setting the tone for your party!


If you throw a South of France Party, send us the pictures! We’d love to include them on our website to show everyone the fun that was had!


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Inspiration Board


Below are some ideas on what to give as goodie bag treats at your Provençal Party.

1. South of France Provençal Goodie Bag Tags

Make each gift you gift have that French pizazz with these hand designed Provençal tags. Tags are 2 sided, one side with Provençal pattern (4 different patterns); 2nd side is either standard “To:/From:” text or personalized text of your choice.These goodie bag/gift tags can be purchased on bnute.etsy.com.

2. Provençal Linens and Fabrics

There’s a distinct look and color to fabrics from Provençe - royal blue, golden yellow, rust reds, sage greens-- earthy and sophisticated. These fabircs can be used as a table cloth, table runner, napkins, or sewn into pillow covers for great accents. If you’re lucky enough to travel to France, make sure to pick some fabric up. If not, fortunately many stores in America carry some. Below are some links to some retailers:

  1. Provencal Items from Williams Sonoma

  2. A Touch of Provence Website

  3. Pierre Deux

  4. Maison en Provence

3. Pots of Lavender

Place small lavender plants in rustic terra cotta pots and line the center of the table. These little pots can also make great take home gift for guests. Also, plant lavender in slightly larger rustic style pots for accents on the bar, serving table or around your party space. If you have lavender handy in your yard, pick some and place in vases on the table or tie some sprigs together with a colorful ribbon or piece of Provençal fabric and put at each guests place.

Here are some resources:

Aux Belle Choses New Orleans

Google Search for Pots of Lavender

4. Santons

Again, if you are lucky to travel to the South of France, perhaps you’ve seen these ceramic figurines called Santons. My mother over the years of many trips to France, has collected a small village worth! For the holidays, many times she sets out her santons in the middle of the table, and serves a delicious winter Provençal dish called Daube. It’s always fun to see what “person” we are given in front of our place... the bread maker, the sheep herder, the wine maker, etc... A little insight into my mom’s mood when setting the places!

This idea can be a perfect way to make your table memorable and filled with conversation! The santon can also make a special gift to give your guest at the end of the party. Here are some resources for finding santons online:

  1. Simply Treasures Santons

  2. Santons du Marcel Carbonel

  3. Santons de France U.S.A.

  4. Boutique Claude Berry Santons