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Princess & Knight Royale Faire Party



Here ye, here ye, all princesses and knights... your presence is requested at the Royal Birthday Faire! This regal invitation is hand designed with vintage style imagery, and old world, Renaissance charm. All who receive this message will be eager to attend the festivities and merriment! Check out B.Nute’s At the Shore Party invitations on etsy for details.



It’s England in the 1500’s... the beautiful princess awaits her gallant knight to arrive upon his stead for his jousting match... any Medieval or Renaissance imagery and items are perfect for your Royal Faire! Below are some more decorating ideas for your Princess and Knight party.

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1. Princess and Knight Personalized Banner

Here ye, here ye, all fine maidens, this regal banner is a perfect addition to your magical kingdom! This personalized banner is hand designed with vintage style imagery and old world, Renaissance charm - perfect for any royal princess. If your princess is having a royal birthday, this banner is perfect to add to the ambience of the party. After the festivities, it can hang in her room for years to come! This matching banner can be purchased on bnute.etsy.com.

Once upon a time, in a far away land lived a King,Queen and Princess. The King waited patiently for his beautiful daughter, the princess, to find a husband, but regardless of how many suitors came to the castle, none pleased her. The King decided for her birthday, he would hold a Royale Faire. He called all the Knights, Lords, Barons, and Princesses from the land to come to the castle and celebrate the big day....

Make that special someone’s day magical by throwing a Royale Faire party. In the spirit of a princesses, knights, and castles, this page is filled all the ideas you need to throw your own Royale Faire.


If you throw a Princess and Knight Party, send us the pictures! We’d love to include them on our website to show everyone the fun that was had!


When picturing a Royal feast, one sees King Henry the 8th at the head of a long table covered in platters of food– roast chickens, pigs, pheasants, bowls of fruits, bowls of vegetables, rolls, etc... nothing elegant, just simple fare, but plenty of it! Below are some ideas for your Royale feast.


• Pretzels and Bagel Chips

• Platter of Cheese Slices, Crackers and Grapes

• Gingerbread crackers

Main Course - Lunch or Dinner

• Drumsticks and Chicken Pieces (could be fried chicken, or

grilled on the BBQ, whatever suits your style)

• Potato Salad

• Rolls

• Vegetable Platter

• Fruit Platter


• Lemonade

• Cider



1. Jousting Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course in your yard (or through your house if necessary), where 2 knights can ride their “steed” with their jousting poles. Ideas for the course: cones to zig-zag through (the forest), small pan of water to jump over (the moat), pillows to climb over (the mountain), etc. Walk the knights through the course, letting them know each “station” they must pass. Then, line 2 players up and have them race the course. The winner could receive a resounding cheer, “Huzah.”

2. Save the Princess

Use the obstacle course above, but this time, place a princess doll underneath a laundry basket somewhere along the course. The knights must rescue the princess doll and bring her back to safety.

3. Joust the Markers

Set up a straight course, with some cans lining the path. The knights must knock down as many cans as possible with their jousting poles.

4. Magnetic Darts as Archery

Set up a magnetic dart board to act as an archery range for your knights and princesses.

Supply List

• Jousting (Pool Noodle) Pole - see Entertainment section for details

• Knights Steed - see Entertainment section for details

• Laundry Basket

• Princess Doll

• Empty Cans

• Magnetic Dart Board


Dress Up Box

No matter the age, dress ups are sure to please most guests.Here’s a list of items you can place in a plastic tub for all to enjoy:

• Cone Princess Hats and Crowns (see Art section for details)

• Knight Shields (see Art section for details)

• Princess Dresses- This may be a store bought item, or perhaps a decorative old blouse with a tie can act as a flowing princess dress.

• Robes- Safety pin 2 ribbons to the top 2 corners of an old towel or pillow case. To wear, just tie both ribbons into a bow.

• Jousting Poles- Buy styrofoam pool noodles and add colored electrical tape spiraling down the long cylinder noodle. These “poles” are colorful, and not dangerous.

• Mighty Steed- Every knight needs a fearless steed. Buy or borrow a children’s cowboy horse on a stick to do the trick.

Face Painting

Hire a face painter, or ask an artist friend to help.The Klutz (www.klutz.com) Face Painting book is a great kit to own.

Hair Styling & Braiding

Every princess wants beautiful hair. Hire a local hairdresser (perhaps at the local family hair cutting shop) to braid or dress up the girl’s hair with bows and ribbons.

Hire Ren Faire Actors and Actresses

Even some of your friends may moonlight as Ren Faire actors or actresses when the mood strikes!  The internet has a wealth of information  about Ren Faires across the nation. Type in “Ren Faire” into your favorite search engine, or look into the local high school theatre department for possible help.


• If you’re up for making a cake on your own (home made or from a cake mix,) type in “Princess Castle Cake” into your favorite search website and many great castle cake ideas come up.

• Looking for a simple option? Bake a sheet cake, and frost with white frosting. Dust graham cracker crumbs over the top, and place knight and princess figurines on the cake (for figurines, see http://www.papo-france.com/).

• A tray of cookies covered in frosting may suit your party guests as much as a cake. Decorate the cookies with crowns and Shields to keep with the theme.

• Want to stay true to the Royale Faire theme? In Elizabethan times, popular sweet foods were:Marzipan, Gingerbread Cake, Puddings, Cheesecake and Fruit Pies. Perhaps your party can break the mold and serve a berry pie or chocolate pudding cups for the treat!

Inspiration Board

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Below are some ideas on what to give as goodie bag treats at your Princess & Knight Party.

1. Princess & Knight Goodie Bag Tags

These Renaissance inspired tags are perfect for any Princess or Knight. Tags are 2 sided, one side with princess/knight imagery; 2nd side is either standard “To:/From:” text or personalized text of your choice. These goodie bag/gift tags can be purchased on bnute.etsy.com.

2. Create a Castle

Designate an area of your yard (perhaps a jungle gym, playhouse or patio area) as the Castle. Surround the area with colorful construction paper flags. If the party is indoor, designate a room as the Castle. Line windows with colorful cellophane to act as stained glass.Designate 2 dining room chairs as a throne area. Place decorative pillows and a throw blanket over the chairs to add royalty.

3. Jousting Arena

Set up your camping tent (or kid’s tent, if they have one) as the Jousting tent. Decorate the outside with colorful flags and streamers. String the flags from the tent to a nearby tree, trellis or tall garden stake. Buy tall garden stakes and tape long pieces of different colored crepe paper to the top. You can add a construction paper flag to the top as well.

1. Decorate a Knight’s Shield

An everyday paper grocery bag with handles can be turned into a decorative knight shield in a matter of minutes! Cut one side of the paper bag (including the handle) into a shield shape (the top of the bag is the flat edge, the bottom of the bag is the bottom point of the shield.) Cover the outside face with white construction paper and let the kids decorate to their hearts content. You can print out pictures of Armor or Shield designs from the web to give the kids ideas. Now the shield is ready to use. Kids can use the handle on the bag to hold the Shield.

2. Decorate a Princess Hat or Crown

A cone shaped princess hat is perfect for a Royale Faire. Plain white poster board cones can be purchased from such web stores as Oriental Trading (type in “princess hat craft” into the search box at http://www.orientaltrading.com/), or simply enough, a cone shape can be cut out of white poster board. Once the poster board is cut, roll and tape into shape. Add some crepe paper streamers at the top of the hat. Have the kids decorate the hat with pens, glitter glue, pretend gems, etc.

3. Princess and Knight Coloring Pages

Princess and Knight Coloring Pages

Many different websites offer coloring pages that you can print from your own computer. In your favorite search engine type in “knight coloring pages” and “princess coloring pages”. Pick and choose your favorite pages to print. At the party, just set up a small art table with crayons, glitter glue and the coloring pages.

2. Princess & Knight Goodie Bag Fillings

Instead of a lot of small items, think about filling the goodie bag with one or 2 themed items, sure to please. Here’s a list of low priced items perfect for your Knight or Princess guest:

• Princess Crown

• Princess Dress Up Slippers

• Princess Jewelry

• Knight Figures (http://www.papo-france.com/)

• A Princess Paperback Book (plenty of Disney options)

• A Knight Paperback Book (example: “Days of the

Knight,” publisher: www.dk.com)