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List of Places to Have a Party

Although nothing beats a party at home, sometimes the theme, the size, or just plain logistics make it impossible to have it there. If you’re planning a party, and trying to come up with different ideas of where to have it, here’s the list for you!

NOTE: This list will be updated, so please bookmark for future use! Also, if there’s a party location that’s missing, be sure to let me know, so I can add it!


Party Locations

  1. Amusement Park

  2. Animal Farm

  3. Apple Farm for apple picking

  4. Aquarium

  5. Arcade

  6. Art Class

  7. Art Museum

  8. Art/Pottery Store

  9. Beach

  10. Berry Farm for berry picking

  11. Biking Trails

  12. Billard Hall

  13. Bounce House/Jumpy House

  14. Bowling Alley

  15. Carnival

  16. College or professional sporting event (I.e., baseball, football, soccer, etc.)

  17. Cooking School

  18. County Fiar

  19. County Park

  20. Cupcake/Cake/Dessert Restaurant

  21. Dance Class (ballet, hip hop, tap, etc)

  22. Discovery Museum

  23. Driving Range

  24. Garden Conservatory

  25. Gymnastics or Toddlers Gymnastics

  26. Horse Stables or a horse riding place

  27. Hotel (overnight)

  28. Ice Cream Parlour

  29. Jewelry Making Store

  30. Jungle Gym/Maze Place

  31. Karate Studio

  32. Lake Park

  33. Library or Specialty Bookstore with storytelling

  34. Make-Over Place/Spa/Nail Salon

  35. Mini Golf

  36. Mountain Hike

  37. Movie Theatre

  38. Music School for a class

  39. Park

  40. Park Field: Football, Soccer, Baseball

  41. Planetarium

  42. Playground

  43. Pool (public or private)

  44. Pumpkin Patch

  45. Race Car Place/Bumper Car

  46. Restaurant: 50's Joint/Soda Parlor

  47. Restaurant: burger place

  48. Restaurant: ethnic (I.e., Mexican, Indian, Sushi, Teriyaki, Chinese, etc.)

  49. Restaurant: fancy

  50. Restaurant: pizza parlor

  51. Rock Climbing Center

  52. Rollerskating Rink

  53. Science Museum

  54. Scrapbooking Store

  55. Shopping Mall

  56. Skateboard Park

  57. Skating Rink

  58. Stuffed Animal/Teddy Bear Making Shop

  59. Tea House

  60. Tennis Courts

  61. Theatre to Watch a Play

  62. Water Park

  63. Wildlife Preserve

  64. Zoo

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