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List of Party Food Ideas

Pizza is definitely a hit at kids parties, there is no doubt, just order a couple pies and your set. There are, though, so many other easy party options that sometimes get overlooked. Here's a list to jog your memory of great party foods-- loved by all ages, and easy to prepare or purchase.

NOTE: This list will be updated, so please bookmark for future use! Also, if there’s a party location that’s missing, be sure to let me know, so I can add it!


Easy Party Foods to Make or Purchase

  1. The Big Subway Sandwich - Order from a local sandwich shop an extra large sub, slice it up, and there you go! You can order a few, some relatively plain for picky folks, and some with all the fixin's. Easy!

  2. Quesadillas - Tortillas and cheese can be made easily in the microwave, cut into small triangle and set out for small hands to grab and go. You can get fancy and add cut up veggies or meats into them, or simple cheese works too.

  3. Mini Hot Dogs or Pigs in Blankets - Buy some cocktail wieners and wrap in pre-made dough for a retro bite to eat. These don't have to be piping hot when served either! Set out a dish of ketchup and mustard for dipping. Yum.

  4. Mac and Cheese Cups - Buy some small ice cream cups or dixie cups, make up a large batch of mac and cheese and voila, pasta in cups, perfect for little hands to grab and eat. You can also fill with buttered pasta as well (shells or penne work well).

  5. Big Pretzels - Who doesn't like an extra large pretzel... they are filling and fun to eat.

  6. Pretzels and Hummus - If you don't want large pretzels, then serve small ones with hummus to dip them in.

  7. Sliders - Meatball size hamburger patties with a roll for a bun... Easy to pick up and eat, and always delicious. You can set out condiments for folks to add to it, or just keep them plain.

  8. Cracker Sandwiches - Pre-make a variety of cracker sandwiches - ham and cheese, peanut butter, cream cheese and jelly, different tastes for your crowd.

  9. Breadsticks - Cook up some pre-made dough into breadsticks, for a filling and easy food items. You can even add or fold different foods into the breadsticks to make them savory or sweet. Try sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar, sprinkling with parmesan cheese or fold in diced foods such as cheddar cheese and salami, bell peppers and pepper jack, ham and swiss cheese and similar items.

  10. Deli Meat and Sandwich Fixing - Many stores offer pre-made sandwich trays that are great for parties.

  11. Kabobs: Meat, Veggies or Fruit - Anything on a stick is fun to eat! There are so many different combinations and all are filling and good to eat.

  12. Popcorn Balls - Popcorn balls remind me of my neighbor who used to make them to hand out at Halloween. So fun! There are plenty of popcorn ball recipes on the web, kids will love getting their own to munch on.

  13. Chicken Nuggets - Heat up a package of chicken nuggets, set out in a bowl, and kids can pick up and munch on the go. Add some dipping sauces for the more adventurous like mustard, honey, BBQ sauce and more.

  14. Yogurt Cups and Fruit - Buy some small yogurt cups and cut up fruit pieces for a healthy food snack at the party. For less money, buy a large container of yogurt and spoon into dixie cups. Set out cut up fruit and granola to let kids sprinkle on top.

  15. Cereal/Chex Mixes in a Cup - Nothing beats a good cereal/Chex mix for munching on at a party. Many recipes exist for savory or sweet tastes.

  16. Corn Dog or Mini Corn Dog - Hot dogs on a stick... fun to eat, and filling. These come in large or mini sizes depending on your crowd.

  17. Mini Bagels with Toppings - Mini bagels are the perfect size for a party. You can either pre-make bagel sandwiches, or just set out bagels with toppings... from cream cheeses (in different flavors) to sliced veggies and meats. A plain bagel or just an assortment of flavored bagels is also a perfectly delicious option as well.

  18. Meat Balls - Heat up some meatballs, and set out some toothpicks. Yum!

  19. Salami and Cream Cheese Rolls - This is one of my mom's favorites! Place a little dab of cream cheese on a piece of salami. Roll it up, and put a toothpick through it. Easy.

  20. Deviled Eggs - Who would pass up a deviled egg? They are so tasty, and seem to only show up at parties, so they are always a treat to eat!

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