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List of Hostess Gift Ideas

We know the drill... it's time to head off to a friend's house for a gathering, you grab a bottle of wine, and there you go-- instant hostess gift. Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a bottle of wine, but in my desperation to be more creative in hostess gifts, I've decided to come up with a list of easy ideas that may add just that little extra touch, to let your friend know how much she means to you!

NOTE: This list will be updated, so please bookmark for future use! Also, if there’s a party location that’s missing, be sure to let me know, so I can add it!


List of Hostess Gift Ideas

Jazzed Up Bottle of Wine - Yes, I've already mentioned the wine, but how about jazzing it up? What about a bottle of wine with a cute set of wine charms attached. Or a wine bottle with a very personal or elegant tag attached. Perhaps even a wine bottle with a small "wine notebook" for taking notes when wine tasting. Another creative accent to the wine bottle gift are some cute decorated cocktail napkins. There are so many to choose from these days, with great patterns, one is sure to please!

Cocktail Party in a Bag - Find some fun swizzle sticks, umbrellas, cocktail napkins and perhaps a small book of festive party drink recipes... wrap these up for the perfect little cocktail party in a bag!

Wake Up Basket - How about pick up 2 cute mugs, a little bag of strong coffee for a morning time drink your hostess may definitely need after her big party!

Early Bird Basket - Perhaps your friend isn't a big coffee drinker, but one of those types who gets up and heads out for a jog, even after a big night! There are many cute vintage-style juice glasses on the market. Pick up a quick set of 4, a little juice, and perhaps some organic granola mix to help start her day.

The After Party Gift Bag - No, this isn't a gift meant for the folks who stay late... it's a gift perfect for when everyone has left, but there's still much to clean up! How about a small bottle of aspirin, some cute cleaning gloves, an apron and a little fancy chocolate. Cleaning up can be quick when you have chocolate on hand!

Guest Bathroom Goodies - How about a few small bottles of lotions or soaps, a candle and perhaps some "guest towel" napkins printed in a fun design. Everyone loves a little something to jazz up the bathroom.

Fancy Hors d'Oeuvres (for the Next Party) - Pick up a small wooden bowl or two and a couple jars of fancy nuts and olives. Every hostess loves a quick hors d'oeuvres in a pinch.

A Mini Garden - Flowers are always appreciated, but instead of making her hunt for a vase just as the party is starting, give her a potted plant instead. It looks great, where ever she sets it, and no need for a vase!

1/2 Hour Spa Break Bag - How we all would love to take the day off and go to a spa... perhaps after all her party preparations, and actually hosting the party, she'll be in need of some spa time. Give here a little spa bag-- bath salts, soaps, a new nail polish, a cold eye compress, a few lavender sprigs will be greatly appreciated!

Quick Getaway Gift - A little tropical get away is so fun-- instead of a plane ticket, how about a few items to remind her of a getaway-- a trashy magazine, a margarita glass, a bag of chips and fancy salsa can bring her mind right back to possibly her trip to Mexico years ago!

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