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List of Bridal/Wedding Shower Themes

Your best gal pal is getting married... now it’s time to plan a party for her she’ll remember forever. Below is a list of Bridal/Wedding Shower themes sure to please.

NOTE: This list will be updated, so please bookmark for future use! Also, if there’s a theme missing, be sure to let me know, so I can add it!


Bridal/Wedding Shower Themes

See a shower on the list that you want to have! Contact Betsy at B.Nute productions for invitation and planning ideas. I’m always interested in adding themes to my collection!

Around the Clock Shower - Give guests an hour in the day, and their gift should be something that can be used during that time!

Through the Year - Give guests a month or a season, and have their gift be something useful to use during that time.

In the Kitchen - All newlyweds need kitchen items… this could be a perfect theme for them to stock up. You could also make it cooking focused, for the two chef love birds!

Alphabet Shower - Guests are given a letter in the alphabet that their gift must start with. Theme has lots of possibilities.

Stock the Bar - For the couple that loves to entertain, how about a "Stock the Bar" shower, where guests bring all types of items perfect for entertaining.

Naughty & Nice - A little naughty and a little nice make a great pair, and a fun shower full of giggles.

Garden Shower  - For the couple that loves to be outdoors, tending their garden. Could have a nice organic and "green" theme as well.

The Great Outdoors Shower - This shower is perfect for the couple who love adventure and the great outdoors. It could be a "woodsy" theme or athletic adventures, what ever suits the pair.

Bed & Breakfast Shower - This shower is perfect for guests to stock the newlyweds with linens, bath items, and kitchen items too! Perfect for a brunch shower as well.

Room to Room Shower - Each guest gets assigned a room to find the perfect gift for. Great for the new couple who just bought a home as well!

Wine Cellar Shower - This shower is perfect for the budding someliers and wine enthusiasts. Guests bring delicious vintages from all over to help stock the couples cellar.

Travel Shower - For the travel enthusiasts… guests could be given a country to find the perfect item for the couple, or just given gifts suitable for all the newlyweds upcoming adventures.

Spa Shower - Everyone loves a trip to the spa! Guests can bring gifts perfect for the bath, and/or relaxing. How about the perfect eye mask for a nice sound sleep?

Honeymoon Shower - Perhaps the couple is heading somewhere exotic and would like to have the guests provide gifts for the adventure. The theme of this shower can be perfectly matched to the location of the honeymooon.

Stock the Pantry Shower - All new couples need items to help stock their pantry. Guests can provide gourmet food items, kitchen items, dishware, table linens and more.

Tea Party - It's always fun to be a part of a "girly" tea party. The more flowers and frill the better. Pamper the bride-to-be during this special time.

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